Germany - German Law

Our fully qualified German Lawyer Stanislava Wittibschlager in Zurich is registered in Switzerland as an Attorney-at-Law. She advises you both on Swiss and on German law, especially in cross-border legal issues. Also, we can assist you further via our partner lawyers in Germany.

Especially for Enterprises

  • Establishing of companies, subsidiaries, branches in Switzerland and Germany, domiciling of German companies and entrepreneurs in Switzerland
    • Consulting on Swiss and German company-, contract- and laborlaw
    • Consulting on Swiss and German company law
    • Contract Managment
    • Legal services for companies
    • Tax advice
  • Preparation and review of contracts in German and Swiss law:
    • Employement contracts
    • Purchase agreements, distribution agreements
    • General conditions
    • Labour contracts
    • Rental/lease agreements
  • Import/Export, customs regulations, VAT, sales tax
  • Competition law
  • Permissions, licences, residence permits
  • Advice on property purchases in Switzerland and Germany
  • Collection of receivables, debt enforcement, claim recovery in Switzerland and Germany, representing clients in bankrupcy proceedings
  • Enforcement of German judgements in Switzerland
  • Representation before Swiss courts, extrajudicial representation in Switzerland and Germany

Especially for Private Individuals

  • Consulting on German, Swiss and international private law
  • Taking residence or domicile in Switzerland and in Germany
  • residence permits etc. for German citizens in Switzerland and for Swiss citizens in Germany
  • Tax issues
  • Collections of receivables, especially claims recovery and debt enforcement in Switzerland and in Germany, representation of German creditors in execution proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings in Switzerland and with regards to blocking orders
  • Swiss and German family and inheritance law:
    • Marriage and inheritance contracts, matrimonial property rights, divorce, divorce agreements, alimony (spouse, children) - in particular, setting out the legal pros and cons in the Swiss and German legal and tax aspects
    • Mediation
    • Estate planning, Trusts / Foundations
  • Preparation and review of the contracts in German and Swiss law:
    • Employment agreements
    • Purchase contracts
    • General conditions
    • Rental agreements
    • Separation agreements, marriage contracts, divorce convention, maintenance agreements
    • Inheritance contracts
  • Advice on property purchases in Switzerland and Germany
  • Enforcement of German judgements in Switzerland
  • Litigation in Switzerland and representations before public authorities
  • Family Office Services