Legal Services Slovakia – Slovak law

Our essential legal services

  • International and Slovak business and private law
  • Contract law: purchase agreements, contracts, leases, rental agreements, mandate agreements, etc.
  • Real estate and construction law, cadastral law
  • Corporate law, company foundations, mergers and acquisitions, corporate documents
  • Administrative law, obtaining various permissions, representation before public authorities
  • Intellectual property law, copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents
  • Claim recovery, bankruptcy and restructuring, enforcement proceedings
  • Family law, inheritance law, divorces, alimony, matrimonial law, custody
  • Labour law, labour with international elements, employment of foreigners and various permissions (work permission and residence permissions), labour disputes
  • Tax law, taxation of private individuals and legal entities, tax optimization, representation in proceedings before tax authorities
  • Social security law
  • Extrajudicial dispute resolutions - mediation
  • In all areas of the law, we offer our clients the representation before courts and public authorities of the Slovak Republic as well as in arbitration


  • Slovakia - Switzerland
  • Slovakia - Germany
  • Slovakia - Czech Republic

Our international team of lawyers is particularly experienced in cross-border litigations, and business projects with an international aspect, particularly with regard to Slovakia - Switzerland, Slovakia - Germany and Slovakia - Czech Republic. We are ready to support you multilingual in these national jurisdictions as well as in EU law.

Especially for foreigners

  • Support for market entry and business start-ups in Slovakia
  • Foundation of companies and branches in Slovakia
  • Custom law, double taxation issues, social security law
  • Obtaining various permissions  in connection with the arrival of natural and legal persons in Slovakia
  • Labour law with international elements,  employment of foreigners, work permissions and residence permissions
  • Claim recovery, enforcement of foreign judgments in Slovakia, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy and restructuring
  • International divorces, alimony, matrimonial disputes
  • Real estate in Slovakia, mediation of purchase and sale of property to foreigners, property management
  • Representation before judicial and public authorities of Slovakia in all areas of law