Legal Services Switzerland – Swiss Law

  • Swiss and international business and private law
  • Contract law: purchase agreements, distribution agreements, service agreements, labour contracts, employment issues, lease contracts, loan agreements, etc.
  • Real estate and contstruction law
  • Corporate law, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, business succession, establishing of companies, mergers and acquisitions, law of associations and foundations
  • Collection of receivables and debt, claim recovery, bankruptcy, restructuring, debt rescheduling and restructuring proceedings, etc.
  • Inheritance law, marriage law, divorce law, family law, child law, alimony law, adult protection law, last wills, estate and inheritance planning, marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Environmental law, energy law, electricity market law, administrative law, public law
  • Financial and banking law
  • Media law, internet and IT law, advertising law, intellectual property law (film, radio, music, copyright, trademarks)
  • Aviation law, national and international air law, EASA-rules, Chicago Convention (ICAO), Warsaw Convention, Tokio Convention, etc. Our experienced aviation lawyer Jaroslav Zuzak is a holder of a private pilot's licence EASA PPL(A), a sailplane licence EASA SPL, and a Swiss paragliding licence.
  • Tort law, insurance law, medical law
  • Tax law
  • White collar crime, international mutual assistance in criminal matters, Schengen matters, criminal defense
  • In all areas of law: litigation in Switzerland, representation before public authorities, arbitration and mediation


  • Switzerland - Germany - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungaria - Romania - EU

Our international team of attorneys and legal professionals is experienced particularly in cross-border litigation and business projects with an international aspect, particularly with regards to Switzerland - Germany - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungaria - Romania - EU.  We are ready to support you multilingual in these national legal systems as well as in EU law.

Especially for foreign clients

  • Support regarding market entry and business-start-up in Switzerland and transfer of domicile to Switzerland
  • Foundation of companies, holdings, subsidiaries and joint-ventures
  • International trade and distribution, import, export, custom duties, competition law
  • Litigation before Swiss courts, and representation before Swiss public authorities
  • Collection of receivables and debts, claim recovery, enforcement of foreign judgements in Switzerland, stating claims in bankruptcies, etc.
  • International inheritance and divorce cases, alimony issues
  • Financial law and banking law, reclaiming dormant accounts
  • International double taxation issues
  • Immigration law, in particular work permissions, residence permissions, family reunification, naturalization, international double taxation, property purchases by foreigners, social security, entry requirements, Schengen issues, labour law, etc.
  • Arbitration and mediation

Other services

  • Marketing & Law: Advices from our marketing people and lawyers regarding your marketing plans and advertising