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Legal Services Czech Republic – Czech Law

Our Essential Legal Services

  • International and Czech business and private law
  • Contract law: purchase agreements, labour contracts, rental contracts, employment agreements, mandate agreements, etc.
  • Legal advice on the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic
  • Requests and various permissions
  • Legal support by issues relating to the law of inheritance, family law, custody of the child, alimony, divorce, etc.
  • Legal support in issues relating to business and corporate law
  • Legal support in issues relating to tax issues and double taxation
  • Legal support in issues relating to following areas of law: labour law, intellectual property law (trademarks, patents, copyrights), social security law (health insurance, social insurance), claim recovery
  • Management of claims, particularly the collection of debts and receivables and execution


  • Czech Republic - Switzerland
  • Czech Republic - Germany
  • Czech Republic - Slovakia

Our international team of lawyers is experienced particularly in cross-border litigations and business projects with an international aspect, particularly with regard to Czech Republic and Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany and Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are ready to support you multilingual in these national jurisdictions as well as in EU law.

Especially for Foreigners

  • Customs law, double taxation law, social security law
  • Obtaining various permissions in connection with the arrival of natural and legal persons in Czech Republic
  • Labour law with international elements, employment of foreigners, work permissions and residence permissions
  • Cases of international divorce, alimony, matrimonial disputes
  • Real Estates in Czech Republic, legal advice on the purchase and sale of real estates to foreigners, property management

Other services

  • Translations from Czech into German and from German into Czech, also by court translator